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Strategic Plans

I Strategic Plan for Vocational Training in the Education System 2019-2022

It is structured around nine axes or areas and sixteen strategic objectives. In turn, the objectives are broken down into a series of lines of action with specific measures. Below, we highlight the axes, objectives and actions linked to Vocational Guidance:

  • Axis 8: Development of an integrated vocational guidance system.
  • Working towards an integrated vocational guidance system.
  • Line 39. Creation of coordination mechanisms between the different administrations and agents in the field of vocational guidance.
  • Line 40. Visibility of the gender equality dimension in all VET degrees.
  • Line 41. Normative regulation of the system.

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VET Modernisation Plan

The Plan for Vocational Training, Economic and Social Growth and Employability, within the framework of the First Strategic Plan for VET, proposes to turn Vocational Training into a LEVER FOR GROWTH through three steps:

1.Recognition and accreditation of professional competences.

2.Flexibility and improved accessibility to VET and professional guidance.

3.Digitalisation, innovation and entrepreneurship in the Vocational Training system.

Vocational Guidance is the tenth of the 11 areas on which the actions presented in the plan will focus.


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