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Career Guidance Research

Within the commitment to knowledge transfer linked to Career Guidance, it is considered essential to disseminate the work of research groups from different departments of universities in our country. In this section we want to make these projects visible and link research with new educational and social needs.

We present a selection of some of the groups whose priority lines of work include vocational guidance. The analysis has been carried out through the repository provided by the websites of the vice-rectorates of each university to which each one is attached.

University of Seville (Andalusia)

University of Seville (Andalusia)

  • Research group: Literacies-Literacy, multilingualism, professional orientation and social justice.
  • Lines of research related to Professional Guidance:
    • Career Literacy: Research on the development of career management skills from childhood and in vocational education and training.

Link to the Literacies Research Group Nueva ventana

GIACE icon. University Of A Coruña (GALICIA)

University of A Coruña (Galicia)

  • Research Group: GIACE: Research and Evaluation of Educational Quality Group
  • Lines of Research related to Vocational Guidance: Guidance, tutoring and development of professionalcompetences
University of Almeria icon (ANDALUCIA)

University of Almeria (Andalucía)

  • Research Group: Training, Guidance and Employability (FOE)
  • Lines of Research related to Vocational Guidance:
    • Initial and Ongoing Training and Professional Development.
  • University of Almería Nueva ventana
University of Castilla-La Mancha icon

University of Castilla-La Mancha

  • Research Group: Guidance, Quality and Equity in Education Research Group
  • Lines of Research related to Vocational Guidance:
    • The work axis guidance-quality-equity allows the group to project its research around the analysis of a) policies and discourses, b) systems and structures and c) practices and resources, since what is sought is the study of the provision of the educational response in a broad sense.​Policies and systems for the promotion of quality education in equity.
    • Policies and systems for the promotion of quality education in equity.

    • Intervention models and educational practices for the promotion of quality education in equity.

    • Teaching and professional development for quality education in equity.

University of Barcelona icon

University of Barcelona (Cataluña)

  • Research Group: TRALS: Academic and Labour Transitions
  • Lines of Research related to Vocational Guidance:

    • Study of academic transitions. Adaptation processes. Analysis of the trajectories of university drop-out, persistence and graduation. Academic transitions of groups at risk. Prevention, evaluation of equity policies and programmes.

    • Study of labour transitions. Transition process to thelabour market. Trajectories and quality of insertion. Employability and career management.

    • Guidance and mentoring in transition processes.

    • Skills, training and educational assessment.

  • Research group on academic and labor transactionsNueva ventana
Jaume I University icon

Jaume I University (Comunitat Valenciana)

  • Research Group: IDOCE (Innovation, Development and Evaluation of Competences in Education)

  • Lines of Research related to Vocational Guidance:

    • ​Techniques and instruments for educational evaluation.
    • Active and participative methodologies.

    • Learning in real environments.

    • Design and evaluation of competence tasks.

    • Teacher training and development of teachers' professional competences.

  • Innovation, development and assessment of skills in educationNueva ventana
University of La Laguna icon

University of La Laguna (Canarias)

  • Research Group: GIOES: Educational and Socio-labour Guidance Research Group

  • Lines of Research related to Vocational Guidance:

    • Configuration of the life projects of Secondary Education students and those who join Second Chance Education: Gender, Family and Procastination.

    • Academic and socio-occupational transition of students who finish Compulsory Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training: how gender modulates it.

    • Factors that facilitate access to the labour market.

    • Skills acquired in the educational system and their adaptation to the demands of the labour market.

    • Decision-making, life projects and European citizenship.

    • Life projects and young people at risk of social exclusion.

  • Research Group in Educational and Socio-Labor Guidance of the University of La LagunaNueva ventana
University of Murcia icon

University of Murcia (Murcia)

  • Research Group: E074−09. COFIE (Competences, Guidance, Training, Insertion and Employment)

  • Lines of Research related to Vocational Guidance:

    • Vocational training.

    • Socio-occupational integration.

    • Identification, development and evaluation of competences.

    • University tutoring.

    • ICT and social networks in guidance.

    • Professional-occupational guidance.

    • Drop-out.

  • Area of Information Technologies and Applied Communications of the University of Murcia.Nueva ventana
University of Santiago de Compostela icon

University of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia)

  • Research Group: DIOEP: Diagnosis and Educational and Vocational Guidance
  • Lines of Research related to Vocational Guidance:

    • Diagnosis and assessment of competences and qualifications in Educational, Personal and Vocational Guidance.

    • Analysis of creative needs and guidance counsellors in school and vocational settings.

    • Evaluation of Educational and Vocational Guidance services and programmes.

    • Exploration of competences and professional development of school and vocational counsellors, especially in ICT.

    • Diagnostic assessment of guidance intervention in support of educational and socio-professional diversity.

    • Evaluation and guidance of the quality and excellence of educational and socio-professional centres.

    • Diagnosis and guidance of tutoring functions and programmes in educational and socio-professional contexts.

    • Analysis and development of transversal and creative competences in education and in the professional field.

  • Research Lines - Educational and Professional Diagnosis and GuidanceNueva ventana
University of Sevilla icon

University of Seville (Andalucía)

  • Research Group: MIDO: Methods of Research and Diagnosis in Guidance
  • Lines of Research related to Vocational Guidance:

    • Development of guidelines for the professional orientation and labour insertion of adults and from a gender perspective.

    • Guidance strategies, techniques and procedures for the elaboration of professional and life projects.

    • Development of entrepreneurial career management skills.

University of Valladolid icon

University of Valladolid (Castilla y León)

  • Research Group: Professional qualifications, employability and social entrepreneurship (Q-ESE)

  • Lines of Research related to Vocational Guidance:

    • Validation of professional competencies.

    • Orientation and lifelong learning.

    • Employability and social entrepreneurship

  • Observatory for the validation of professional competencesNueva ventana
Research Group GRISOP icon. National University of Distance Education (UNED)

National University of Distance Education (UNED)

  • Research Group: Psychopedagogical Guidance Systems and Counsellors' Competences (GRISOP)

  • Lines of Research related to Vocational Guidance:

    • Analysis of policies and systems of educational guidance and psycho-pedagogical counselling.

    • Inclusive policies and systems to support the promotion of school success, and the prolongation of education and training.

    • Professional development of guidance counsellors, competences and professional accreditation.


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