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Awakening professional vocations in Primary Education: Inter-school video game creation project

Author(s) or persons responsable

  • Sergio Banderas Moreno.
  • Educational centres: IES Campanillas and CEIP Miguel Hernández (Málaga).
  • Collaboration: (among many other entities) Ayuntamiento de Málaga and Junta de Andalucía.
  • Sponsorship: VS gamers

Target group

  • Students in higher vocational training cycles and students in primary education.


Sergio Banderas Moreno, VET teacher at IES Campanillas in Malaga, devised and coordinated this collaborative project between schools in which students from Higher Vocational Training and Primary Education work together in the creation of a video game, establishing 7 phases: script, graphic design, programming, sound, testing, publication and marketing.


  • Training activity


  • Vocational education
  • Career management skills
  • Cooperation between various stakeholders and networks


  • Education: Compulsory and post-compulsory education

Results and Evaluation

The project has received numerous mentions and awards, including the prize for the best self-created digital resource at SIMO 2019.


The experience is transferable to other VET schools located near primary schools.


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